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"I felt as though I was condemned to being bald, and that would not change. My wife came home with this product and suggested that I try it. Over a period of several months, there began to appear new growth and she was very pleased which was really very satisfying to me. HairPrime really changed my life. It has made me a better person. I feel more confident in public. I began to see results at approximately three or four months. I would recommend HairPrime to anyone, especially someone who has a hair loss problem." 

JV, San Rafael, CA 

Before using Hair Prime
6 months after using Hair Prime
"I started losing my hair after going through a big move and change. Daily I would look with dismay at my falling hairs, and being a woman, I became increasingly worried that I would soon have big bald patches everywhere. A friend told me about HairPrime but said that it required a lot of discipline. Even though I am very undisciplined, I was getting desperate, so I decided to give it a try. 

To start with, I counted my fallen hairs daily for a week. I was very glad that I did this so that I had a baseline to measure against. Then I started using HairPrime as indicated. It was really not so tough to keep to the regimen - I was washing my hair twice a week anyway, so now I had to do it 3 times a week.

The first thing that I noticed was that less hair was falling out. I went from 125 hairs daily to 75 in a few weeks. Then I noticed that my hair was softer and not so much like straw. After a few months, little hairs started growing around my temples and filling in the very receding hairline that I had developed. Then my hairdresser started noticing that my hair was looking so much better and fuller.

Now, after almost 1 and a half years, you would never guess that I suffered from hair loss. Not only has Hairprime stopped the hairloss but I now have a head of shining hair with lots of little hairs still growing and filling in the gaps. Even my nails and skin look better. I am really glad that I am not on any chemicals like Minoxidil."
RC, Plano, Texas

Since the age of 18 I experienced hereditary hair loss. I tried the use of minoxidil but results were bad (I also often forgot to apply it twice a day…..). Slowly my hair grew much thinner over the years (I am 47 now) and I only have left a few hairs on the top of my skull. Since I started to use Hairprime-products (about ½ year regular use now), hair on the back of my head started to grow again. The big, heart-shaped empty spot on the back of my head is now partially covered with small, new hairs and they grow, darker, more and longer every month. I never expected such results so quickly because of the physiology of follicles and the long time that my hair was gone already, and because you hope hairproducts will work but deep inside I knew they didn’t….......... (I have a medical background)

What’s more: I am very pleased with the handling of my orders, the mail contact and the concern with which the people of Natural Hair Gain treated me as a customer. Since I live in Europe, trust is very important and that is what they absolutely gave me! Many thanks for that!!!! (and the result of your products of course!
RG, Limburg, Netherlands.

"I have been a hairdresser all of my life. I have seen every hair product made for thinning hair. The only one that I have seen that really works is HairPrime. I have over 150 clients on HairPrime and every one of them is more than satisfied with their results." 
CW, salon owner, Novato, CA 

"My hair used to look very thin, and was dry and limp. I've been doing HairPrime's program for two years and my hair now looks and feels much fuller, it has more body, it isn't dry, and it just feels healthier to the touch. Many people have commented on how much fuller and better my hair looks." 
Suzy P.